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Electrical Circuits (Engn/Phys 207), fall 2022

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Syllabus and Course Policies
Daily Schedule [last updated: 07 Dec]

Circuits Concepts Summary [.pdf]  (last updated 25 Oct 2022) 

Community Based Learning

  1. YMCA Volunteer Form
  2. Responsible Travel Form
  3. CBL Best Practices
  4. CBL: Guidelines for interacting with minors [pdf];   Completed Training Sign-In Sheet [.docx]
  5. Team/School Assignments
  6. Written Reflection Assignment [.docx]   [.pdf]
  7. CBL Modules: #1 [.pdf]; #2 [.pdf], #3 [.pdf], #4 [.pdf], #5 [.pdf] and Build Manual #1 [.pdf] and #2 [.pdf]

Integrative Assignments


Pdf manual Due Date
Grading Rubric used all term long
Lab 1: Voltage Dividers: light intensity sensor [.pdf] (bug fixed in Arduino code!)
          Example Arduino Sketch: AnalogIn_SerialOut.ino
          Example Matlab Plotting:  Excel Sample Data File [.xlsx]Matlab Code [.m];  and Final Figure [.png]
21 Sep
Lab 2: Series-Parallel Resistors and Voltage Dividers take II: Audio volume control [.pdf]
            Getting Started With Matlab [.pdf]
            Example Matlab Plotting: Data points vs theory curve [.m]
28 Sep
Lab 3: Wheatstone Bridge: thermal monitoring system [.pdf]
            Thermistor datasheet from Vishay Electronics
05 Oct
Lab X: The Non-Lab [.pdf]  (Arduino Servos and Sound Generation);
           Practice Problems/Intro Quiz Revisited [.pdf];    Solution [.pdf]
           Sample ‘cold’ exam problems [.pdf] (updated 5.29pm 06 Oct)    Solutions [.pdf]
Lab 4: RC filters: biomedical and speech processing applications [.pdf]
         Picoscope: App install [.pdf] (updated 20 Oct)  and Picoscope: sample circuits for generating and measuring input-output relation [.pdf]
          Example matlab code: frequency response theory vs experiment [.m];  Sample output plot [.png]
04 Nov
Lab 5: Amplifiers + filters:: structural health monitoring (good vibrations?) OR EMG measurement (helping hand) [.pdf]  ;    Op-Amp Inventory[.pdf]  
16 Nov
Final Project: Interest Inventory and Initial Design Brainstorm [.pdf];  Project Overviews [.pptx] 

                     Project overview/coversheet (read me first!): [.pdf]
                    Part I: Conceptual Design Guidelines [.pdf]
                    Part II: Practical Implementation and Proof of Concept [.pdf] 

06 Nov (Initial design ideas)
5pm, 29 Nov (Conceptual Design Plan due)
Lab time, 08 Dec (Proof of concept demo optimistically due)


Class Workshop Materials

(materials supporting stuff we do in class)

  1. Building Circuits Intuition: Ohm’s Law, KCL, KVL:  Questions/thought experiments [.pdf] and Figures [.pdf]
  2. Series-Parallel Equivalent Resistance: Class Workshop [.pdf]
  3. Circuits Brainstorm Activity: solar panel sun tracker [.pdf]
  4. Binary Math Basics and ADC intro [.pptx]
  5. Power and Battery Life [.pptx]
  6. Electrical Safety [.pptx]
  7. RC Filter Intro  [.pptx]; Filter Cascades [.pptx]
  8. Op-amp intro and active filters [.pptx];  Active Filter Worksheet [.pdf];  Instrumentation Amp Worksheet [.pdf]
  9. Inductors and LC resonators: Radio Applications [.pptx]; Solutions to in-class problems [.pdf]
  10. Math deep dive: phasors, impedance, and transfer functions.  Workshop Problems [.pdf];  and solutions [.pdf]
  11. PN junctions: Semiconductor intro and diode applications [.pptx]
  12. “Exit quiz” (aka exam 2 practice problems) [.pdf]


Supplementary Material

(useful stuff posted here throughout term)

  1. Picoscope 2000-series datasheet [.pdf] and Picoscope Phase Measurement [.pdf] and Pico Frequency Response toolbox [.pdf]
  2. General Advice and Free Software Tools for Drawing Circuit Schematics [.pdf]
  3. Fluke MultiMeter Manual [.pdf]
  4. Scientific Writing: Sample 1 [.pdf]  and Sample 2 [.pdf] and Lab Revision Examples [.pptx]