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Mechanical Vibrations (Engn 330), winter 2024

Syllabus and  Schedule

Syllabus and Course Policies
Daily Schedule (last updated: 27 Mar 2024)


Pdf manual/assignment and Resources Due Date Resources
Assignment 1: 1-DOF undamped oscillations [.pdf]

Solution set 1 [.pdf]

26 Jan class slides – free MK system problems [.pptx]; solution to boat prob [.pdf]
Assignment 2: 1-DOF damped oscillations [.pdf]

Solution Set 2 [.pdf]

02 Feb
  1. class slides [pptx] ; solution to mt biker prob [.pdf]
  2. Kinovea video tracking: getting started guide [.pdf]
Assignment 3: Beams: effective mass and spring constant [.pdf] 16 Feb
  1. class slides [pptx];   
  2. Beam Formulas: American Wood Council [pdf]
Assignment 4: Forced/harmonically excited vibrations [.pdf] 23 Feb
  1. Harmonic excitation class slides [pptx];
  2. Amplitude and Force Transmissibility Plots [.docx]

Assignment 5: Base excitation and Rotational Imbalance (helicopter tail vibrations) [.pdf]


15 Mar
  1. Rotational imbalance class slides [.pptx]; helicopter rotor soln [.pdf]
  2. Base excitation class slides [pptx]
  3. Helicopter tail rotor high speed videos (1000 fps) [on Box]
Assignment 6: Arbitrary forcing and earthquake response [.pdf]


27 Mar
  1. Impulse Response/general forcing class slides [pptx]
  2. Solution to football hit problem [pdf]
  3. Sample Matlab code for defining forcing vector [.m]
  4. Earthquake Engineering class slides [.pptx]; Housner Spectrum [.pdf]
  5. PEER ground motion database: getting started [.pdf]
  6. PEER: Denali 2002 earthquake ground motion record [.zip]
Final project: Multi-degree of freedom systems [.pdf]  16 Apr
  1. Final Project Reports (winter 2016) [.pdf]
  2. Matlab: N-story building simulation function [.m] and script [.m]
  3. Dynamic Absorbers: TMD class slides [.pptx]; matrix math notes [.pdf]
  4. Modal Analysis: Solving the forced n-DOF MKC system notes [.pdf]
  5. Matlab workshop: modal analysis [.pdf] and example code [.m]


Supplementary Resources

   useful stuff posted here throughout term

  1. Vibrations Animations from Dan Russell Penn State [www]
  2. Good Vibrations Video Lecture Series with Freeball [www]
  3. Mechanical Vibrations Video Lecture Series with J. Schilder [www]