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Capstone Design II (Engn 379), winter 2024

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Syllabus and Course Policies
Capstone Weekly Schedule [last updated 16 Mar 2024]

Weekly Progress Reports & Engineering Logbooks

Capstone Weekly Progress Report Template [.pdf] [.docx]
Logbook advice and Rubric [.pdf]
Example Engineering Logbook (courtesy of Nick St. Pierre ’20) [.pdf]. Note: this is a 125MB download

Project Report Webpages

Logging into WordPress [.docx
WordPress editor: video tutorial [www]

Lime Kiln Park [www];   Kendal Traffic [www];   Modine Test Chamber [www];  RoboBoat [www];  GIguys [www]

Report Writing  (for winter term final report)

Winter Term: Document III: Design Details and Rationale [.pdf] (workshop 12 Mar)

Fall Term Document I: Background and Motivation  [.pdf]  (workshop date: 06 Oct)
Fall Term Document II: Defining the Problem & Detailing Prototype Solutions [.pdf] (workshop date: 31 Oct)
Fall Term Final Report Guidelines [.pdf

Technical Design Review (05-06 Mar)

TDR Guidelines and Information [.pdf]
TDR Rubric [.pdf]

Final Presentations (10 Apr)

Final Presentation Guidelines and Information [.docx]
Final Reporting: what to turn in Checklist [.docx]

Ethics of Design: Case Studies

NSF workshop:   Written Reflection Assignment [.docx]
SCU workshop: Written Reflection Assignment [.docx]