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Electrical Circuits (Engn/Phys 207), fall 2023

Syllabus and  Schedule

Syllabus and Course Policies
Daily Schedule (last updated: 27 Nov 2023)

Circuits Summary [.pdf]

Community Based Learning

    1. YMCA Volunteer Form
    2. Responsible Travel Form
    3. CBL Best Practices
    4. CBL: Guidelines for interacting with minors [pdf];   Completed Training Sign-In Sheet [.docx]
    5. Team/School Assignments  [.xlsx]
    6. Written Reflection Assignment [.docx]   [.pdf]
    7. CBL Modules

      1. Circuit diagrams [.pdf] and Instructional Tips  [.pdf]; 
      2. School activity (salt water circuit) [.pdf] and Wave 2 activity [pdf];   
      3. School activity (solar panel demo) [.pdf] and Wave 2 activity [.pdf]
      4. School activity (halloween paper circuits) [.pdf] and Wave 1 activity [.pdf]
      5. School activity (wire maze) [.pdf] and Wave 1 activity [.pdf]
      6. School activity (dc STEM car) [.pdf]; motor kits figures [.pdf]


    1. Exam 1 coversheet [.pdf]
    2. Quick practice problems [.pdf] and Solutions [.pdf]; 
    3. Cold test fall 2020 [.pdf] and solutions [.pdf]

Integrative Assignments 


           Solar Tracker Project

Guidebook Chapters aka “Lab Manuals” Due Date Resources and References Materials from Class (slides, workshops)
Grading and Feedback Rubric used all term long Lab Advice (“Don’t just stand there, build something!”) [.pdf]

Tools for drawing circuit schematics [.pdf]

Lab 1: Voltage Dividers: light intensity sensor [.pdf]  18 Sep Breadboard Anatomy: Making connections [.pdf

Adafruit: Photocells Tutorial by Lada Ada [.www]

Example Arduino Sketch: AnalogIn_SerialOut.ino 

Voltage Dividers, Series-Parallel DC Circuits:  Slides from class [.pptx];  Practice problems [.pdf] and solutions [.pdf]
Lab 2: Microcontrollers Intro: analog measurement meets digital control [.pdf] 25 Sep How potentiometers work [www]

How Servo Motors Work & Arduino Interfacing [www

Note: Many good resources linked within Lab Manual!

Binary Math and Analog-to-Digital Conversion (ADC): Slides from class [.pptx]
Lab 3: Wheatstone Bridge: thermal monitoring system [.pdf]
02 Oct   Thermistor datasheet from Vishay Electronics

  Getting Started With Matlab [.pdf]
  Example Matlab Plotting: Data points vs theory  [m];     Sample output figure [.png

Wheatstone Bridge: Practice problems [.pdf] and solutions [.pdf];

WB Vout vs. deltaR derivation [.pdf]

Lab 4: Semiconductor Devices: LED, solar panel power measurement system [.pdf]
09 Oct Instr. Amp AD623 datasheet [www]

Solar panel data sheet (from PowerFilm) [.pdf]

Semiconductors, PN junction [.pptx] and diode applications [.pptx]

Intro to amplifiers [.pptx]; 

Instrumentation amp worksheet [.pdf] and solutions/derivations [.pdf]

Lab 5: Tracking Solar Panel System [.pdf]
30 Oct Pan-Tilt Bracket Assembly [www]

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (powered by the sun!) [www]  and  Parker Solar Probe [www]



 Design Project: AC circuits foundation + Choose your own adventure

Guidebook Chapters aka “Lab Manuals” Due Date Resources and References Materials from Class (slides, workshops)
Lab 6: RC filters: audio and biomedical applications [.pdf]  31 Oct  Example matlab code: plotting theory vs. experiment [.m]; sample figure [.png]

Aliens audio file [.wav]

noisy ECG file (44100 Hz) [.wav]
clean ECG file [.wav]

RC filters – gentle intro. Slides from class [.pptx]

Making connections: oscilloscope & function generator wiring job [pdf]

LeCroy WaveAce 101 manual [pdf]

Audio Amp Connections [pdf]

Lab 7: Filters +  Amplifiers: EMG System [.pdf]; Addendum:  full EMG system [.pdf] 13 Nov  Capacitors,  Impedance, and LPF derivation workseet [.pdf] and solutions [.pdf]
Phasor Math slides from class [.pptx];

Active Filters notes from class [.pdf]

Final Design Project Guidelines [.pdf] 13 Dec Final Design Proposals [.docx]

Final Design Project Guidelines and Grading Rubric [.pdf]

Final Design Project Menu slides from class [.pptx];