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Applied Signal Processing (Engn 395), spring 2020

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Syllabus and Course Policies

Course calendar (last updated 19 May 2020) [.pdf]

Readings and Prob Sets

Module/Readings/pptx Problem Sets and Resources Due Date
Introduction to Applied Signal Processing

Intro to Signal Processing [.pptx] 

Smart as a Rock (event detection) [.pdf]   UPDATED: 1.39pm 29 Apr 2020 30 Apr (Thurs), 5pm
Event Detection

Gaussian Stats Refresher [.pdf]   

Kaiser-Teager Energy Transform [.pdf]

Boudraa 2008 TK operator applications [.pdf]     

Straight from the Heart: ECG analysis [.pdf] 01 May (Fri) 5pm



Digital Filters: DFT, Convolution, Z-transform and FIR filter response

Digital Frequency: What the heck is it anyway? [.pdf]

Discrete Fourier Transform [.pdf] (updated 1.11pm 04 May 2020)

Z transform and Digital Filter Transfer functions [.pdf] (updated 08 May)

Digital Filters: Transfer Function [.pptx]

Convolution Solution: Intro to Digital Filters [.pdf]

Step Right Up: Step Counting with Accelerometer Data [.pdf]

Z-best: Digital Filters in the z-domain

04 May (Mon) 9am

07 May (Thurs) 5pm

08 May (Fri) 9am

Wavelet Transforms

LIGO Gravity Waves: Background info and the signal processing problem [.pptx]

LIGO First Gravity Wave Event Detection [.pdf]

Abbott et al, Phys Rev Let2016: Observation of Gravitational Waves  [.pdf]

Polikar, DWT introduction [.pdf]

CWT vs. FFT in brief [.pptx]

DWT: data compression [.pptx]


LIGO gravity waves [.pdf]

Data compression and denoising (earthquake, audio, ecg) [.pdf]


14 May (Thurs) 5pm

18 May (Mon) 9am

Blind Source Separation

Belouchrani et al, (1997) IEEE Trans. Sig Proc. SOBI paper [.pdf]

Erickson et al  (2009), IEEE Trans Biomed Engn, [.pdf]

Intro to Blind Source Separation applied to GI electrical activity [.pptx] (updated 08 May 2020, 12.11pm)

Localizing Cyclic Colon Motor Patterns [.pdf] 19 May (Tues) 5pm
Choose your own adventure–Final Project! Final Project Report Guidelines  [.pdf] 22 May (Fri) noon

Other recommended resources

  1. Smith DSP book (great intro resource, easy to understand big picture concepts)
  2. Swarthmore Fourier Examples (props to Dr. Eric Cheever for beautiful interactive graphics)
  3. IEEE Signal Processing Society