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Electronics (Engn/Phys 208), winter 2024

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Electronics Syllabus and Course Policies
Electronics Overview: what we’ll study and do
Course Calendar: Topics Covered by Day [updated 27 Mar 2024]

Integrative Assignments/Labs

Pdf manual/assignment and Resources Due Date Resources
Lab Report Grading Rubric used all term long  
Introductory Workshop: in class activity
Binary Encoding of Characters [.pdf]
Environmental Sensor: Electronics Inventory [.pdf]
Assignment 1: MOSFETs and Logic Gates [.pdf] 30 Jan 1. Binary and Hex Number Systems [.pptx]
2. MOSFETS and logic gates [.pptx]
3. CMOS Logic Gate Worksheet [.docx]  
4. CMOS N/AND gate worksheet [.docx]
Assignment 2: D-flip flops and RAM usage practical [.pdf]

74xx Logic Gates pinouts [.pdf]

15 Feb 1. Latches/Memory Elements [.pptx]
2. SR and D Latch Worksheet [.pdf]3. RAM slides from class [.pptx] 
4. RAM cell worksheet [.pdf]
Assignment 3:  Serial for breakfast: UART, I2C and SPI [.pdf] 05 Mar 
    1. UART and I2C Intro [.pptx]
    2. TI: I2C basic guide [.pdf]
    3. I2C workshop [.pdf];  ADXL Datasheet w/ markup [.pdf]
    4. SPI workshop [.pdf]
Assignment 4:  Sampling Theorem, ADCs, and Interrupts [.pdf] 25 Mar
  1. Flash Memory class slides (Aiken) [pptx]
  2. Flash Memory class slides (Erickson) [pptx]
  3. Sampling theorem Workshop [pdf
  4. ADC resolution and Interrupts Workshop [pdf]


Design Project

  1. Project Brainstorm/Preliminary Proposals [.pdf]
  2. Preliminary Project Proposals [.pdf]
  3. Design Document I:  Detailed System Overview & Bill of Materials [.pdf]
  4. Design Document II: Final BoM and R&D Timeline [.pdf]
  5. Design Project Weekly Update  [.docx]
  6. Design Project: Final Report Guidelines [.pdf]

Supplementary Resources  (useful stuff posted here throughout term)

  1. Circuit Schematic and PCB Layout Tools [.pdf]
  2. Electronics Vendors/Where to buy parts for projects [.pdf]
  3. Microcontroller and Wireless Options [.pdf]
  4. Hardware Communication Protocols: I2C role play [.pdf]  and bosch bno055 register map [.pdf] and i2c protocol [.pdf]