Capstone Design (Engn 379), winter 2021

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Syllabus and Course Policies
Capstone Weekly Schedule [last updated 25 Mar 2021]

Weekly Progress Reports/Team Progress Update

Capstone Weekly Progress Report Template [.pdf] (updated 22 Jan 2021)
Grading Rubrics: Progress Reports and Logbooks [.pdf]

Technical Design Review Rubric [.pdf]
Technical Design Review Schedule [.pdf]
Post-TDR: critical tasks and midyear planning [.pdf]

Workshop Documents

Document 0 – Project Status and Trajectory [.pdf]
Document I: Testing and Evaluation Procedures [.pdf]
Document II: Design Details and Rationale [.pdf]

Final Report and Submission Guidelines

ENGN 378 and 379 report template [.pdf]
Final Report: Grading, Teammate and Self-Assessment [.pdf]
Final Submission Checklist [.pdf] (updated 09 Apr 2021)