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Electrical Circuits (Engn/Phys 207), fall 2020

Syllabus, Course Calendar and Content Summary

Syllabus and Course Policies
Daily Schedule [updated 10 Nov 2020]

Circuits Summary fall 2020 (we’ll cover all of this material throughout the term!)

Integrative Assignments (aka Labs)

Assignments & Resources Due Date
Circuits Kit Components List (stuff we’ll use to build circuits throughout this term) used all term long
Lab Rubric & Grading used all term long
Lab 0: Voltage Divider and Adafruit Feather Board Intro [.pdf]
Tutorial: How to use a breadboard [.pdf]
27 Aug
Lab 1: Voltage Dividers: audio volume knob and flex sensor
LED-Adafruit feather hookup guide/tutorial [.pdf]
02 Sep
Lab 2: Wheatstone Bridge: temperature sensor/thermal warning system [.pdf]
Wheatstone Bridge Wiring Worksheet [.pdf]
Demo Feather32u4 code for Temp Sensor [.docx]
Thermistor datasheet from Vishay Electronics [.pdf]
11 Sep
Lab 3: RC filters: Sound and Heart [.pdf]

Toy Story Sound File: Aliens Talking with Rockets [.wav]
ECG data files:  clean ecg [.wav]   noisy ecg [.wav]

RC Filters Worksheet [.pdf]  (complete section 6 to turn in with this lab)

30 Sep
Lab 4: PPG semiconductor devices [.pdf] 14 Oct
Lab 5: Amplifier Design, part I: Active filters [.pdf]
Op-amp Inventory–what’s available in the circuits lab [.pdf]
21 Oct 
Lab 6: Photodiode–Transimpedance amp design [.pdf]

Photodiode-TIA worksheet [.pdf]

28 Oct
Final Design Project
System for wearable health monitor (HR and SP02 monitoring) [.pdf]Arduino/Feather code [on box] and User Manual for Arduino Code [pdf]
04 Nov: Design plan/Status report update due
11 Nov: Proof of concept demonstration completed
18 Nov: Final Report due


  1. Sample Problem from 2017 [.pdf]  and   Solution to Count Flapula Problem [.pdf]
  2. Exam 1 Coversheet [.pdf]   and Exam 1 Study Guide [.pdf]
  3. Exam 2 Coversheet [pdf]

Supplementary Material

(useful stuff posted here throughout term)

  1. Picoscope: getting started [.pdf]  and Picoscope Phase Measurement [.pdf] and Pico Frequency Response toolbox [.pdf]
  2. General Advice and Free Software Tools for Drawing Circuit Schematics [.pdf]
  3. Fluke MultiMeter Manual [.pdf]
  4. Example MATLAB code on box drive [.www]
  5. Scientific Writing: Sample 1 [.pdf]  and Sample 2 [.pdf] and Lab Revision Examples [.pptx]

Powerpoints/Handouts from Class

  1. Intro Circuits Concepts [.pptx]
  2. Ohm’s Law: Feather 32u4 workshop [.pdf] and Intro Circuits Concepts [.pptx] and Power (P = IV) [.pptx]
  3. Wheatstone Bridge [.pptx]
  4. Power (P = IV) [.pptx]  and Solutions to in class probs [.pdf]
  5. Capacitors and Phasors [.pptx]   Phasor/Complex Numbers worksheet [.pdf]  with Solutions [.pdf]
  6. RC filters: HPF, LPF, BPF, H(f), G(f)  [.pptx]  and Series Equivalent Impedance [.pdf] and Filter Derivation Review [.pdf]  and RC filter worksheet with Solutions [.pdf]
  7. Thevenin Equivalent Circuits [.pptx] and BPF Thevenin Equiv In-class Problem [.pdf]
  8. Intro Workshop on Semiconductor Devices  [.pdf]  and PN-junction semiconductor physics Intro [.pptx]   and MOSFET switch Intro [.pptx]
  9. Op-amp workshop part I: active peak detector, comparator, buffer [.pdf] and Op Amps in negative feedback: non/inverting amplifiers [.pptx] and Active Filters [.pptx]
  10. Binary Math, ADCs, and Sampling Theorem [.pptx]
  11. CPUs inside:  instruction execution speed worksheet/demo [.pdf] and Repeating tasks at regular intervals worksheet/demo [.pdf] 
  12. Wireless Data Transmission: Using BLE to send data for real time plotting [.pdf]
  13. Inductors, RLC resonance and RFID [.pptx]