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Electrical Circuits (Engn/Phys 207), fall 2019

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Syllabus and Course Policies [updated 14 Nov]
Daily Schedule [updated 02 Dec 2019]

Community Based Learning

  1. YMCA Volunteer Form
  2. Responsible Travel
  3. CBL Best Practices
  4. Written Reflection Assignment [.pdf]   [.docx]
  5. Team/School Assignments
  6. CBL Modules: #1 [.pdf]; #2 [.pdf], #3 [.pdf], #4 [.pdf], #5 [.pdf], #6 [.pdf]

Integrative Assignments

Pdf manual Due Date
Grading Rubric used all term long
Lab 0: Intro Circuit Laws: this little light of mine 11 Sep
Lab 1:  Voltage Dividers: audio volume knob and gesture sensing glove 18 Sep
Lab 2: Continuous Resistors for environmental monitoring 25 Sep
Lab 3: Wheatstone Bridge: thermal warning system
Thermistor datasheet from Vishay Electronics
02 Oct
Lab 4: RLC resonators, ac signal analysis
RLC Resonator Plotting Example matlab code [.docx]
23 Oct
Lab 5: AM radio receiver: Escape from the deserted island
Sound File: DesertIsland.wav
30 Oct
Lab 6: RC filters: Of Aliens and Heartbeats [.pdf]
Alien Soundtrack [.wav]
ECG signal [.wav]
RC filters Worksheet [.pdf]

07 Nov

Lab 7: Op-amps: pro audio gear [.pdf] 14 Nov
Final Design Project:

Final Project Coversheet: Ground Rules

Option A: EMG driven robot arm
Option B: Music and Laser Light Show

Active filters worksheet [.pdf]
Difference/Instrumentation Amps Worksheet [.pdf]

TLV277x data sheet (rail to rail op-amp) [.pdf]
AD623 data sheet [.pdf]
Op-amp Inventory–what’s available in the circuits lab [.pdf]

2N2222 transistor datasheet [.pdf]

Arduino Analog Input Protection [.pdf]

LEDs + Transistor as digital Switch Design Options [.pdf]

03 Dec: Phase I complete

05 Dec: Phase II complete

10 Dec: Final Report due


  1. Circuits Summary f2019 (final exam covers all of this material)
  2. Exam 1 Coversheet
  3. Final Exam Coversheet [pdf]

Supplementary Material

useful stuff posted here throughout term

  1. General Advice and Free Software Tools for Drawing Circuit Schematics [.pdf]
  2. Fluke MultiMeter Manual [.pdf]
  3. Scientific Writing Sample 1 [.pdf]
  4. Scientific Writing Sample 2 [.pdf]
  5. Example MATLAB code:Pretty Graphics and Analysis [.m]
  6. Powerpoints/Handouts from Class
    1. Intro Circuits Concepts
    2. Voltage Divider Circuits
    3. Wheatstone Bridge
    4. Continuous Resistors
    5. Capacitors and Phasors
    6. Inductors and RFID
    7. Phasor Math and Impedance
    8. Series Equivalent Impedance
    9. RLC Resonance Example
    10. Tracking GI waves: Why phase shifts matter in RC filters
    11. Op amps in negative feedback: (non-)inverting amplifiers