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Bioinspired Design (Engn/Biol 267), winter 2023

Syllabus and Course Calendar

BioE Syllabus and Course Policies [.pdf]
Weekly Course Calendar (updates throughout term; last modified: 09 Mar 2023)

Module/Readings/pptx Problem Sets and Resources Due Date
Introduction to Bioengineering and Bioinspired Design

    NatureTech: Intro and Examples of Bioinspired Design [.pptx] 

Topic Interest Survey 10 Jan
Jellyfish: Propulsion Models and Bioinspired Swimming Robots

     Journal Reading Summary [.pdf]  and Articles [on box]

     Jellyfish as Efficiency Swimmers vs. Jet Propulsion Model and Vortex Dynamics [.pptx]

     Jellyfish-inspired Robots [.pptx]

PS 1: Jellyfish Jet Propulsion Model and Robot Review [.pdf] (updated 19 Jan)

Prob Set 1 Supplemental Materials (tutorials, videos, etc)  [.zip file on Box]


PS1: 25 Jan, 11.59pm


Squid and Octopus Optics : From Iridophores to Bioinspired Camouflage 

  Journal Reading Summary for Cephalopod Camouflage Unit [.zip]

  Cephalopod Optics: Anatomy, Physics Model, Bioinspired Devices  [.pptx]

  Optical Model Worksheet [.docx] [.pdf]

PS 2: Cephalopods: Iridophore Optics and Bioinspired Optical Devices [.pdf] PS2: 08 Feb


Flying Geckos Stick the Landing: Robot and Dynamical Models 

    Journal Reading Summary for Flying Gecko Unit [.zip]

    Flyling Gecko: acrobatics, dynamic model and robots [.pptx]

PS 3: Gliding Geckos Stick the Landing [.pdf]  PS3: 03 Mar
Sensors and Actuators Intro

       Sensors, Actuators, Microcontrollers and Digital Communication Intro [.pptx]

PS4: Picking the right parts  [.pdf]  
Design Project


Design Project: Idea Brainstorm [.pdf]   (due 03 Feb 5pm)

Project Preferences and Prospective Teams [.xlsx]

Team Project Proposal Guidelines [.pdf]  (due 14 Feb 5pm)

Where to look for parts: Suggested Vendors List [.pdf]

Weekly Progress Report [.pdf]    [.docx]

Technical Design Review: Presentation Guidelines [.pdf] (16 Mar, in class)

Final Project Report Guidelines [.pdf]  and What To Turn In and How [.pdf]  

In-class final presentation: 06 Apr

Final Report due: 13 Apr


Bioinspired Headlines! – interesting/exciting new work in the field posted here throughout the term.