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Electronics (Engn/Phys 208), w2019

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Electronics Syllabus and Course Policies

Electronics Overview: what we’ll study and do

Course Calendar: Topics Covered by Day [updated 13 Mar 2019]

Integrative Assignments/Labs

Pdf manual Due Date
Lab Report Grading Rubric used all term long
Assignment 1: Logic Gates Intro

74xx Logic Gates pinouts

16 Jan
Assignment 2: Digital Memory and Binary Arithmetic 04 Feb
Assignment 3: Trip down Memory Lane:  FETs, Flash, and RAM 13 Feb
Assignment 4: ADCs and DACs  06 Mar

Design Project

  1. Design Project: Final Report Guidelines [.pdf]
  2. Design Project Weekly Update [.pdf]   [.docx]
  3. Design Document III: System Development Timeline [.pdf]   [.docx]
  4. Design Document II: System Overview and Bill of Materials [.doc]   [.pdf]
  5. Design Document I: Problem Statement and System Overview [.pdf]
  6. Project Brainstorm/Preliminary Proposals [.pdf]
  7. Some More Electronics Projects Ideas/Thought-Seeds  [.pdf]
  8. Vendors/Useful Websites [.pdf]

Supplementary Resources

useful stuff posted here throughout term

  1. Software Tools for Circuit Schematic and PCB Layout [.pdf]
  2. General Advice and Free Software Tools for Drawing Circuit Schematics [.pdf]
  3. Microcontroller and Wireless Options [.pdf]
  4. Digital Logic Gates [.pptx]
  5. Computer Memory Elements [.pptx]
  6. Binary Number Systems and Computer Arithmetic [.pptx]
  7. FETs and Flash Memory [.pptx]
  8. Analog/Digital Conversion [.pptx]
  9. I2C Protocol Intro [.pptx]
  10. SPI, UART, and FIFOs [.pdf]
  11. Hardware Communication Protocols: UART, I2C, SPI [.pdf] 


  1. Electronics Exam Coversheet
  2. Electronics Exam Review Sheet