Hello, welcome to Jon E’s website! For a quick summary of my professional life, here is my CV. In case you are curious, here’s a little more about me. I grew up in Broomfield, Colorado.  I loved to spend time outside running, biking, playing soccer, and generally horsing around with the Aspen Street crew. I went off to college intending to study neuroscience and chemistry en route to a potential career in neurosurgery; I had always loved math, been fascinated by brains and enjoyed working with my hands. Plot twist! After few courses in E&M and quantum, I was hooked on Physics. After bouncing around a few labs in grad school, unsure of what I really was doing or wanting to do there, my old roommate told me about a physics professor who built devices to study neuronal networks. Wait a second, physics and neurobiology combined? Perfect! 5 years of designing MEMS devices, doing lots and lots of electronics, culturing brain cells, and trail running in the San Gabriels, I had earned a PhD in Bioengineering. Funny how academic interests can come full circle. As a postdoc I continued to study brains–but this time around, the “second brain” aka the gastrointestinal system. My  research focused on developing signal processing methods to tease out the faint “heartbeat” of the small intestine from SQUID magnetometer recordings. These days, my professional energy is focused on teaching a bunch of awesome, curious, and enthusiastic students. Actually, I learn a lot from them! My lab does research at the intersection of physics and biology. We design and build electronics hardware devices and automated algorithms to study the GI system (often in collaboration with the GI System group at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute). I am also the faculty adviser for the W&L Engineering Community Development club, which implements clean water and other small infrastructure projects both locally and internationally. In my free time, you might spot me hiking, running or biking a local trail, and/or climbing on stuff, often with two energetic, fun-loving kiddos.