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Electrical Circuits (Engn/Phys 207), Fall 2018

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Syllabus and Course Policies
Course Calendar: Topics Covered by Day [updated 05 Dec 2018]

Integrative Assignments/Labs

Pdf manual Due Date
Grading Rubric used all term long
Lab 1: DC Circuits and Measurement Techniques 19 Sep
Lab 2: Wheatstone bridge and Arduino for environmental monitoring 27 Sep
Lab 3: RC filters in biomedical applications
Audio file: chosen_w_noise.wav [.wav]
Bandpass filter analysis in-class workshop [.pdf]
BPF filter workshop solutions [.pdf]
10 Oct (lab work)/17 Oct (written report)
Lab 4: Op-amps: audio mixer
TL082 datasheet (with markup) [.pdf]
Op-amp golden rules worksheet [.pdf]
24 Oct
Lab 5: Instrumentation Amp + Arduino Mechanical Vibration Sensors
INA126 datasheet [.pdf]
Difference amplifiers worksheet [.pdf]
31 Oct
Lab 6: Active Filters and Arduino Robot Arm: EMG prosthetics (updated 16 Nov)
Active filters worksheet [.pdf]
TLV277x data sheet (rail to rail op-amp) [.pdf]
Op-amp Inventory–what’s available in the circuits lab [.pdf]
27 Nov
Design Project: Lights, Audio, Action! 12 Dec

Supplementary Material

useful stuff posted here throughout term

  1. General Advice and Free Software Tools for Drawing Circuit Schematics [.pdf]
  2. Scientific Writing Sample 1 [.pdf]
  3. Scientific Writing Sample 2 [.pdf]
  4. Example MATLAB code:Pretty Graphics and Analysis [.m]
  5. Binary Math and A/D converter: [.pptx]
  6. Phasor Math: [.pptx]
  7. RC filters–magnitude and phase response: [.pptx]
  8. Filters and Phasor Math Review/Example: [.pdf]
  9. Matlab example code for HPF magnitude and frequency response: [.m]
  10. Op-amps introduction: golden rules and basic configurations [.pptx]
  11. Matlab example code for solving nodal voltages (op-amp model): [.m]
  12. Active Filters [.pptx]
  13. Diodes: applictions and semicondcutor physics [.pptx]
  14. PN junctions in lyrical form: in class assignment [.pdf]


  1. Exam 1 Coversheet
  2. Circuits Summary: Final Exam Review
  3. Final Exam Coversheet