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Bioinspired Design (Engn/Biol 267), w2020

Syllabus and Course Calendar

Syllabus and Course Policies [updated 20 Mar 2020 due to COVID-19]

Weekly Schedule [updated 29 Mar 2020]

Readings and Problem Sets

Module/Readings/pptx Problem Sets and Resources Due Date
Introduction to Bioengineering and Bioinspired Design

    NatureTech: Intro and Examples of Bioinspired Design [.pptx] 

Topic Interest Survey 10 Jan
Jellyfish Propulsion and Bioinspired Swimming Robots

     Journal Reading Summary for Jellyfish Unit [.pdf]

     Hammond, Glavy, and Sorenson, BioE final report (2013) [.pdf]

     Why a jellyfish is ocen’s most efficient swimmer, Ed Yong, Nature News 2013 [www]

     Jellyfish as Efficiency Swimmers vs. Jet Propulsion Model and Vortex Dynamics [.pptx]

      Jellyfish-inspired Robots [.pptx]

PS 1: Jellyfish Jet Propulsion Model and Robot Review [.pdf]

Prob Set 1 Supplemental Materials (tutorials, videos, etc)  [via box]


PS 2: Jellyfish: Vortex Dynamics and more [.pdf]

PS1: 23 Jan


PS2: 06 Feb 

Biobots: Neural Stimulation to Control Motion of Live Insects

    Journal Reading Summary for Biobot Unit [.pdf]

    Biobots and Circuit Models [.pptx]

PS 3: Neural-Electric Stimulation Strategies [.pdf] (updated 12.47 pm Fri Feb 06) PS3: 13 Feb 
Emergent Behavior: Swarm Intelligence in Flocks and Herds

    Journal Reading Summary for Emergent Behavior Unit [.pdf]

    Emergent Behavior Models [.pptx]

PS4: Emergegent Behavior Models [.pdf] 09 Mar
Squid and Octopus Optics : From Iridophores to Bioinspired Camouflage 

  Journal Reading Summary for Cephalopod Camouflage Unit [.pdf]

  Cephalopod Optics [.pptx]   (updated 02 Apr 2020)

  Optical Model Worksheet [.docx] [.pdf]

  Bioinspired IR Reflectors [.pptx]

PS 5: Cephalopods: Iridiophore Optics and Bioinspired Optical Devices [.pdf]

Extra Credit Problem: Bioinspired IR reflectors  [.pdf]

08 Apr

22 Apr

Choose your own adventure! Assignment Guidelines [.pdf]   (updated 10 Apr 2020) 20 Apr: presentations + Q&A

22 Apr: final written and video reports due

Design Project


Design Project: Idea Brainstorm [.pdf]

Team Project Proposals [.pdf]

Where to look for parts: Suggested Vendors List [.pdf]

Weekly Progress Report [.pdf]    [.docx]

Final Project Report[.pdf]

cancelled due to covid-19 move to virtual learning :(


Supplementary Material – useful stuff posted here throughout term